• 1. Flexibility
    2. Cost Effectiveness
    3. Control

    IT Staff Augmentation - BODY & TEAM LEASING

    Build your highly qualified IT teams in the blink of an eye

    Staff your IT projects with Mercatus resources being deployed at your premises. If you require additional skills, you can add our staff to support you in your mobile, web or software development projects. We can cover your IT demands in every scope, add by proposing IT individuals or teams on a leasing model in various technologies.

    If you require greater production forces, flexibility and want to cut cost and risk, then Mercatus can offers you the perfect IT outsourcing service. Now you can scale your IT staff with a team of software engineers very fast.

    1. We will carefully check your IT demands

      and determine the kind of talent you lack. Then, we can evaluate which type of service you need, whether short or long term, based on business tasks.
    2. Our technical recruiters

      will select the best candidates by screening them thoroughly.
    3. We will recommend the best IT experts for your interviews

      So you decide whethere you want to start working with the approvedcandidate.
    4. Mercatus provides the onboarding of the candidate

      we take care of all the formalities the candidate requires. We provide administrative service for each IT expert delivered to you.
    5. Pay only for the completed work that you accept.

    Benefits of this IT outsourcing service:

    Flexibility and close your skill gap

    as you don't have any long term commitment. You can easily scale-up and down your IT team who can operate from which location or remotely.

    Lower risk and reduced recruitment time

    With the staff augmentation you can hire the needed specialist fast and hold the situation under your control, and you can react to any issue very fast.


    You pay only for required completed work when you need it and for the expected skills at the right time. Lowering the total cost of delivery. Pricing is based on Time Material model or fixed monthly price.

    Corporate alignment

    Complete alignment with your in-house team members and easy integration with your internal processes.


    IT Experts are hired by Mercatus and are fully dedicated to your services or projects, so you can manage them during the whole period.

    Complete structure capability

    Delivery Project Managers, Consultants, Developers, Testers, Analytics and whole teams.

    Freedom from unnecessary legal procedures

    if you want to use this service, we will take the legal responsibility for the offshore team. Signing contracts, payroll, accounting.

    Using this model will save you time in formalities and lower your cost. Additionally, the process includes shadowing and knowledge transfer with strict SLA’s and Quality measures to achieve complete alignment.

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