• 1. Fully devoted
    2. Expertize
    3. Working Environment

    Dedicated Development Teams

    Quickly scale your delivery capacity and hire top tech talents.

    Our outsourcing services are fully transparent and will save you time and headache associated with incorporating, recruitment agencies and setting up the necessary management, office and technical infrastructure.


    Having a dedicated team gives you the flexibility and advantages to prioritize different tasks and projects and still keep them engaged through the whole product lifecycle. When you don't want to hire permanent resources, you can rely on your dedicated resources as an independent extension or part of your existing team.

    Dedicated Development Teams

    1. Choose the right team

      • Understand more about your project and what tech stack you need.
      • Will match your needs with the best resources so there is a good fit for technical background communications skills.
      • Get resumes and set up interviews with the candidates

    2. Set Up and get ready

      • Set up the infrastructure, tools, and environment
      • Communication process establishment
      • Kick of the project

    3. Execute

      • Conduct daily meetings to manage the task
      • Flexibility to remove/ add team members, whenever needed
      • Live demos of your product

    Hiring our dedicated teams will make the whole process secure and hassle - free for you

    Perfect Match

    The software development team will include various seniority levels just the right balance between seniors, middles and juniors. An experienced and dedicated Project Manager will ensure a highly efficient workflow along with a 3-level interview process before we send you a candidate.

    Flexible Team Size

    We provide easy scaling of resources hired based on your needs. You can start small with a few developers and scale up by hiring more as you and your needs grow and vice versa.

    Knowledge Team Retention

    Due to our well-established development processes, product knowledge is accumulated and retained throughout the project. Proper transition plans are created for knowledge transfer to new team members when needed.

    Transparent Execution and visibility

    Project control via regular Slack, Skype, communication and task status reports. Predictable and transparent Budget and reporting. You will receive a detailed report of each team member.


    Requirements can be changed any time, because the scope is not strictly defined.

    What you get

    A free cost estimate.

    Professional advice.

    We keep your ideas safe.


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