• 1. A detail-oriented working style
    2. Apply knowledge to new situations
    3. Dedication and commitment to problem resolution

    Technical Support

    Providing your customers with the right technical support and advice they need is the only way to improve the product ownership experience for users. 

    When your customers experience problems, they want fast answers. Thus MERCATUS team is available 24/7, covering 35 languages. We train our agents on the importance of having a great working knowledge of our client's product and services.


    Access the best in class, ITIL based technical support.

    Our customer service experts couple amazing customer experience with robust know-how across a vast array of systems, tools, platforms and devices. We can help with:

    We emphasize on delivering high quality, value-added, customer technical support solutions. The benefits you will receive:


    Flexible  pricing models

    Growing your business has never been easier thanks to a team of tailor-made professionals who can adapt to your business model. Our dedicated support team can help you respond to anything from responding to simple live chat queries to comprehensive e-mail technical support and troubleshooting

    Be proactive

    Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to share advice, tips and tricks, shortcuts and more. We take the time to share those bits of information that enable your customers to get more out of their device or service.


    Full Transparency

    Our mission is to be a scaling partner for our clients, and that’s why we value the feedback of your clients as much as we value the services that we offer. We provide valuable business assets that help you decide where you want to go.

    Our custom KPI dashboards, customer tracking feedback and standards benchmarks allow you to feel safe in outsourcing your support services



    Recruit the best

    The success of our tech support teams is based on a unique recruitment process, investment in learning and development, a continuous improvement mindset, and a strong emphasis on cultural alignment for all team members.

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