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    2. Effective communication
    3. Timeliness

    Customer Care & Support

    We equip clients with the facilities, people, processes, and modern omnichannel technologies that build value across every interaction on all channels.

    Considering the fast industries digitalization, the need for companies to build meaningful connections with their customers is much greater. Thus at MERCATUS we aim to provide exceptional customer care and focus on every customer touchpoint.


    Using our omnichannel approach will let your customers interact with your brand via the following channels





    Social Media



    Web / self-serve / bots



    Our Multilingual customer care team is available 24/7/365 and 35 languages


    The benefits of outsourcing your customer care:

    Customer retention

    Interaction with customers opens an opportunity to strengthen your brand and develop customer relationships. By offering accurate and reliable management of customer interactions and using powerful tracking and feedback capabilities, outsourcing service providers can help build your brand image and retain your customers. It happens naturally when the customer is happy with your service.

    Achieve operational & cost efficiencies

    Cost-cutting is the most common reason for outsourcing. Omnichannel contact centers can effectively and efficiently manage customer queries and associated costs through utilizing lower-cost channels and cross-channel.. Yet when there is an impact on customer experience and customer interaction quality, your customer relations can take a hit, leading to a loss in sales and loyalty.

    Enhance CX

    With multiple touchpoints to interact with an empathetic customer support agent, each interaction feels like a seamless conversation. We look for those moments of truth and opportunities to delight.

    Availability of tools and & technology

    A company that handles call center services has various tools like CRM and sales software as well as quality auditing tools. They are experienced in their usage and your customers can benefit a lot from it. The alternative would be you buying all these software licenses and then training your staff for it. Not a very good idea

    Easy scalability

    If tomorrow your business grows and you need more people to handle calls, having outsourced this service, you face no challenges. Mercatus takes the burden of hiring and training new agents as well as handling call flow changes with ease as they have years of experience with the same

    Available 24/7

    By outsourcing your customer service, you can ensure that your customers are handled 24/7 without any interruption. Such availability is unrealistic to expect from an in-house department. Here at Mercatus can offer you this flexibility as we have trained staff members that have years of experience working in rotational shifts




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