Our mission is dedicated to the following goals:

    1. Help businesses grow by delivering verified IT resources and bespoke Sales & Marketing solutions.

    2. Minimise stress, time and cost around recruiting, onboarding and operating IT teams

    3. Find Market Opportunities for your Business Growth

    4. Make our Clients more competitive by delivering customized outsourcing services, designed around their needs and help them achieve their long term goals.

    Mercatus is passionate about delivering great customer experience. We deliver compelling outsourcing services


    & VISION

    Our vision is to be the world’s leading ITO & BPO, providing our clients and our clients’ customers with the best experiences and services.

    We drive to strengthen the IT communities on a global level. We want to be more than an IT  outsourced partner; we want to be a pipeline of skilled talent and satisfying career opportunities.

    § VALUES

    Our values

    • Excellence

    • Innovation

    • Results focused

    • Trust and Integrity

    • Social Commitment

    • Leadership

    • Teamwork

    • Communications

    • Integrity

    • Community

    • Diversity


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